About Us

Why Creek 2 Coast?

Being locals and enjoying the Townsville lifestyle, Creek 2 Coast represents how we see this wonderful region. From the beautiful creeks north and south of Townsville to the amazing coastline with it’s abundant marine life we can’t imagine living anywhere else. Owned by Adam Herrick, Creek 2 Coast Pest Control Townsville is about improving the standard of living for North Queensland residents.

Pests in Townsville

With living in paradise, comes a few issues, namely pests. Townsville also is home to an amazing array of pests from nasty Aedes aegypti (Dengue mozzie) to the incredible Mastotermes darwiniensis (Giant Termite) we have it all. In Townsville there is every single type of economically significant termite that exists in Australia. Our tropical climate and abundance of homes and dwellings makes this a significant pest destination of choice!

About the owner

Adam Herrick is Creek2Coast Pest Control Townsville ownerAdam Herrick is the owner of Creek 2 Coast Pest Control Townsville and has been in the Pest Industry for over 10 years.  Adam had previously worked as a trainer and handler of explosive detection dogs for the Australian and US Defence Forces and had trained dogs in Australia to detect termites.  With a growing appreciation for the pest industry Adam gained his qualifications and worked with some of the best minds in the pest control industry in Townsville prior to starting Creek 2 Coast Pest Control.


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