Commercial Services

Have you got a business that revolves around the food industry? Maybe a hotel/motel where hundreds, if not thousands of people visit & stay every year? Or maybe you’re just looking to take care of the unwanted insects to improve your customer experience and maintain the professional image that you worked so hard to obtain.

At Creek 2 Coast Pest Control we’re all about that personal experience. We’ll assess the area, inspect the problem site and provide sound advice to allow you to make a informed decision on your pest management needs.

To show you we care as much about your business as you do about your clients, we offer warranty periods that give you the peace of mind to keep you focused on what’s truly important to you, your business.

At Creek 2 Coast Pest Control we are committed to ensuring pest control in Townsville remains a professional industry. That’s why we offer an ‘On time or $1 discount for every minute we’re late’ promise.

If you’re in the market to engage or change pest control agents, we’re in the market to impress. At Creek 2 Coast Pest Control, ‘We Specialise in Infestation Decimation!’

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