Australian spiders are mostly useful creatures. They actually help reduce much of our unwanted insect problems; however they are often killed because of their appearance, or out of fear of being bitten. The fact is that few deaths have been recorded since the introduction of anti-venom. However, this being said you always have the right to protect you, your pets, friends, or family from the risk of spider bites.

In the Townsville region we have a number of spiders that we can observe. The Golden Orb, the St. Andrews Cross, Red Back, Huntsman, and Daddy Long Legs are just a few that are commonly found. But did you realise that out of those spiders mentioned that only one is able to inflict a venomous bite into a human?


Why spiders are considered a pest

The mere mention of spiders is enough to give some people the heeby geebies, people with arachnophobia can be frozen with fear at the sight of a spider.

Although death is rare from spider bites, localised pain, swelling, nausea, and irritation are symptoms that can be attributed to a spider bite and reason enough to be cautious.

Potential risks that can be identified in many instances around the home can be old outdoor play equipment that doesn’t often get used. Under swings, slides, or platforms are often a great nesting place for webbing spiders. Another common area that is often found to conceal spiders is outside in the garden among the mulch, wood bark, or within dense foliage.

Thought should be give to check play equipment before allowing children to play on it, and always wear some sturdy gardening gloves prior to delving into they yard duties.